About Midstate Mills

Welcome to Midstate Mills, the home of Tenda-Bake Self-Rising Corn Meal and Southern Biscuit Flour!

Since 1935 our family owned and managed mills have been converting local grains into quality flour, corn meal, baking mixes and feed. We carefully mill each small batch of grain using time-honored milling practices. You won’t find the mega-batches our competitors churn out at our mills, only the highest quality baking products in the South! While many of our competitors have merged with larger food conglomerates, Midstate Mills continues the tradition of small-batch milling with locally sourced grains just footsteps from the town square in Newton, North Carolina.

Midstate Mills’ family believes that the production of high quality, wholesome baking products is the result of hard work, dedication to high standards, and a relentless quest to please our customers. We also recognize the need to provide our valued customers with delicious new products that provide greater convenience and healthfulness for today’s time-pressed lifestyles.

Enjoy your visit to Midstate Mills website. And be sure to look for our newest Tenda-Bake and Southern Biscuit products at your local grocer. It’s where you’ll find the Essence of Southern Baking.


Midstate Mills, Inc.
P.O. Box 350
East A Street
Newton, NC 28658
Phone 828-464-1611
Fax 828-465-5139
Email sales@midstatemills.com


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