Tenda-Bake and Southern Biscuit flours and mixes are the time-tested favorites of generations of Southern bakers. Whether you are baking from scratch or using one of our mixes, Tenda-Bake and Southern Biscuit products will give you delicious fresh-baked results that can only come from flours and mixes produced and milled in the South.

Create the Essence of Southern Baking right in your own kitchen with Tenda-Bake and Southern Biscuit traditional flours, corn meals and mixes.

7 Responses to Products

  1. Evelyn Mc Clure says:

    Please let me know how I can order your products on line as I cannot purchase them in Nebraska.

    I received an email from you but cannot find the address for ordering.
    Evelyn Mc Clure

  2. Wendie Kidwell says:

    TendaBake White self rising Cornmeal is it GLUTEN FREE?

    • Most of our products are made from wheat or mixes that contain wheat flour and naturally contain gluten, which is why they produce delicious breads and baked products. Glutens are not found naturally in corn meal or in grits, which is also made from corn. So our Tenda-Bake Corn Meal and Tenda-Bake Self-Rising Corn Meal, as well as our Midstate Mills Grits, do not contain gluten. Other Midstate products do contain gluten.

      Thank you for your question. If you need more information please email us at

  3. Can i purs. any biscuit mix in the dayton ohio stores?

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